Urban and Regional Coherence 
Lecturer: Francisco Colombo 

Colombo complexcities15-10-13 3

You can here Download the lecture of Francisco Colombo on 15th October.

The metropolisaation process as the new urban development paradigm, 

Lecturer: Dr. D.A. Sepulveda

Complex Cities presentation 1

Exploring definitions, limits and evaluating framework so to help the require translations to your own region.

You can here Download the lecture of Dr.D.A. Sepulveda on October 22nd.

Worlds, Cities and Urbanisation
Lecturer: Dr.Stephen Read
You can here download a brief of Worlds, Cities and Urbanisation lecture series. 
Urbanisation historical territorialisation of an urban world.
A short history of an urban world From The Perspective of the World to world-cities. Download the lecture
Urban societies and economies: cities modernities and organised urban complexity. Download the lecture here.

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