On Friday, 16 September 2016, graduation students decide upon a research group. During introduction events, we emphasized upon specific concerns of Complex cities graduations, notably a concern about (1) the social sciences, (2) internationalization, (3) an institutional context, (4) planning methods and tools and (5) democratic decision-making and participation.

After week 2 some graduation students turn into Complex cities graduation students. These will be assisted by their individual mentors. Next to this we will built common discussion groups (as demonstrated during the recent Complex cities workshop). Within discussion groups an exchange of knowledge on specific fields of interests/projects is enhanced. There will also be a series of lectures/workshops that focus on methodology: ways how to combine notions on the built environment with notions on institutions that have an interest therein. The lecture/workshop series is organized in outline (see below) but is open to emerging common questions also. We will analyze your approved Complex cities graduations on these.

  • Week 3: Transforming (Chinese) cities – Emerging cities in a context of globalization: Identifying interrelations among global and local development.
  • Week 4: Imaginary regions – The visioning and visualisation of regions: Positioning design in an institutional context.
  • Week 5: Inclusive cities – Informal spatial practices and governance in developing countries: Identifying interrelations among the informal and the formal.
  • Week 6: Local development.
  • Week 7: Good governance? Discussing governance from a critical perspective.
  • Week 8: Open
  • Week 9: A view from practice: External peer review of graduation proposals.

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