Please carefully consider the offer for a GIS training! Take your chance, inscribe! This training is useful for all students who want to engage in an analyses of spatial structures, no matter if these evolve on the local or regional scale, no matter if these concern socio-economic structures or urban form. GIS is an effective tool in visualizing and combining spatial information. Think ahead!

The additional education component ‘GIS courses’ that is offered to you teaches you:

  • The basics of opening GIS data;
  • The basics of data visualisation;
  • How to conduct simple and more complex analyses

The GIS courses/workshops will be given throughout a period of 4 weeks  (one half day session of 4 hours each week). The courses can only be offered to a total of 15 students of the Msc3 student team. If you are interested in using GIS for your project and you would like to attend these GIS workshops, please send an email to Birgit Hausleitner. Consider the invitation that has been sent to you on 29th of September.


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