Identifying institutional aspects: policy analysis, actor analysis, interviews…
Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 8.45 – 10.45, room BG.West.290


Considering an institutional context is common in Complex cities graduation projects. Projects usually involve the perspectives of multiple actors in spatial planning and design. But how to identify these perspectives? This workshop will be attended by Complex cities students and several researchers who are experienced in carrying out policy analysis, actor analysis, interviews and field work. It is an opportunity to discuss methodological approaches.

The workshop is planned as an informal discussion among students and researchers (for an outline programme, see below). It is intended to (1) assist in a well-defined description of the methodologies in graduation plans and (2) assist in the application of methodologies through practical tips.

Involved researchers are:

  • Luz Maria Vergara d’Alençon. Luz Maria is a PhD researcher at the Global Urban Lab, TU Delft (see here). She investigates affordable housing in Chile. During her research Luz Maria became experienced in engaging with stakeholders in an informal setting, through interviews
  • Arie Romein. Arie is part of the section Urban and Regional Development of OTB. Through his long standing interest in policy making in a variety of settings, he is experienced in methodology of empirical research.
  • Wil Zonneveld. Wil is s Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and member of the Spatial Planning group of urbanism. He focuses on regional governance, planning and design in his research. He is experienced in analysing actors and governance structures, through policy and actor analyses.



  • 45 – 8.50:      Introduction
  • 50 – 9.10:      Researchers introduce themselves: main challenges in identifying perspectives of stakeholders.
  • 10 – 9.40:      First discussion round: Interviews, methodology of empirical research, policy and actor analyses.
  • 40 – 10.00:    Second discussion round: Switching.
  • 00 – 10.30: Group discussion: Main challenges in identifying perspectives of stakeholders and ways how to address them.

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