Weeks 3-5 of the graduation orientation period are dedicated to the first drafting of a thesis plan and the selection of a second mentor. During a lecture/discussion series key concepts of Complex cities graduations will be critically discussed. The series creates a common ground of Complex cities graduations and helps students to establish a stable theoretical research framework. The series is dedicated to Complex cities students. Students that have chosen another research group are invited to participate! For them, the series will enable secondary thoughts and the selection of a second mentor.

The first event of the series is upcoming on
Wednesdays, 20 September, 8.45-10.45, Room F
Good planning? Discussing planning from a critical perspective.
Vincent Nadin, Dominic Stead
This lecture will introduce and discuss key concepts from the field of planning that (Complex cities) graduation students engage with, notably (1) the main elements of the formal planning system in the place of their study – both land use planning and broader ‘territorial governance’; (2) the ‘type’ or ‘style’ of planning that operates in their location and its objectives; (3) the extent of influence that planning has on outcomes; and (4) the reasons for the strengths and weaknesses of planning – conditions, cultures, and prerequisites.

Portrait poster: Roberto Rocco Portraits, https://roccopaintings.wordpress.com/




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