1 November 2017 / 13.45-16.30 hrs. / Berlagezaal 1
Agency and social change: Top down, bottom-up or otherwise?
You are invited to the first in a series of talks about new thinking related to living and working in present conditions of climate change and inequality. The discussion tomorrow concerns the possibilities of local autonomous forms of community and livelihood. It will be especially relevant for those students doing graduation projects that involve local social and economic change. Rosalba Icaza is a researcher at the ISS in The Hague. Her “research and teaching have been driven by an overwhelming concern to understand resistance to multiple oppressions and the ways in which one’s understanding is mediated by memories of physical repression experienced by labor, indigenous and feminist leaders with whom she used to work in Mexico City.” Stephen Read, researcher at the Department of Urbanism and Architecture Theory, TU Delft, will be taking about local social and economic forms in cities and the conditions of resistance to dominant forms.



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