Complex cities graduation students who have started their graduation project in autumn 2017 are now about to finish their projects. A first set of their final P5 presentations is scheduled.* Please note that more presentations are upcoming! As soon as all information about these is available they will be announced here too! A note to new graduation students: Visiting P5 presentations is a very effective way of gaining insight into what graduation at the Department of Urbanism embodies!

26-6-2018, 10.30
Room BK-IZ P
Esmee Stalenberg
Welcoming Amsterdam – A spatial strategy for a growing touristic region
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mentors: Arie Romein, Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip

28-6-2018, 11.00
Room BK-CZ B
Jiangzhou Song
Livability in a growing Shenzhen – How to make Shenzhen a high-educated young migrants friendly city
Shenzhen, China
Mentors: Qu Lei, Birgit Hausleitner

29-6-2018, 9.00
Room BK-IZ P
Matias Iversson Piazza
Altamira beyond Belo Monte – Gaps and opportunities for promoting sustainable development in a new energy landscape
Altamira, Brazil
Mentors: Arie Romein, Leo van den Burg

29-6-2018, 10.30
Room BK-CZ B
Yanxin Liu
Night and fog of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Mentors: Diego Andres Sepulveda Carmona, Luisa Calabrese
(This project explores the transformation of monocentric Hong Kong into a multifunctional polycentric region.)

29-6-2018, 13.45
Room BK-CZ B
Mu Xiufan
Aging in place/Non-zero sum game
Beijing, China
Mentors: Diego Andres Sepulveda Carmona, Maurice Harteveld

3-7-2016, 15.00
Room BK-IZ Q
Reza Arlianda 
The co-creation of convivial city: Reclaiming the right to the Kampung in the touristic city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mentors: Stephen Read, Maurice Harteveld

Room BK-IZ Q
Maximilian Einert
Spatial development in a post-capitalistic economy – A contingency plan for Leipzig and its region
Leipzig, Germany
Mentors: Stephen Read, Birgit Hausleitner

* The above listed information on date, time and room is adopted from the formal TU schedule. In case of inconsistencies, this schedule is leading The schedule can be found here


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