This Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 8.45 -10.45, Room F, the first session of the dedicated Planning Complex Cities programme takes place: Good planning? Discussing planning in places of study, by Vincent Nadin and Dominic Stead. During the event  key concepts from the field of spatial planning will be elaborated. Particular attention will go to planning approaches and instruments that are appropriate under particular spatial and institutional circumstances.  Students’ current graduation project proposals are a starting point for discussion! The event is meant to assist students in the building of a theoretical framework that fits their interests and places of study. It is also meant to build common ground for further discussion and peer review within the group.

Please note: the event is part of a series of workshops/discussions on key concepts and key methodologies in Planning Complex Cities graduations. Events always take place on Wednesday mornings. The overall programme can be found here. Keep an eye on our blog for more detailed announcements. Events are dedicated to Planning Complex Cities students (who are strongly encouraged to join!). Other students may attend in case they have a particular interest in discussions.


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