On Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 8.45 – 10.45, the first session of the dedicated workshop series: Key methodology of Planning Complex Cities graduations has taken place. For the programme of the session, please see below.  In particular the session has focused on consistency between the components of a research framework. The introductory presentation, given by Arie Romein, is available here.

Exercising the building of a methodological framework
Wednesday, 10 October 2018
8.45 – 10.45, Room BG west 290
Arie Romein, Verena Balz
The Methodology course (AR3U012) provides students with knowledge on research and design approaches that are relevant for the field of Urbanism, MSc Urbanism graduations in particular. During this session the application of this knowledge in Planning Complex Cities graduations will be practiced. In addition an inventory of methods that are of particular importance for current graduation students will be made.


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