Upcoming P2 presentation
Wednesday, 16 January 2019
15:45 – 16:45
Room BK-IZ Z

Felipe Chaves Gonzalez

Permeable borders: Addressing multidimensional conflicts between polarized communities in Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has become a ’broken city’ (Ventura, 1994): rapid urbanization processes, wealth concentration, market oriented development, governmental neglect and socio-spatial segregation have been enlarging the societal gap between rich and poor in Brazil. Those processes have shaped the fragmentation of the city, where multidimensional borders and conflicts construct a division between formal and informal settlements. Borders transcend institutional, administrative, spatial, economic, environmental and social aspects. In continuous growth, the societal gap and the real estate pressure on favelas are concerning issue for future development. This project proposes a collaborative strategy to integrate both settlements of the city, by creating an alternative adaptive process of regeneration, to satisfy local demands and promote integration.


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