The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is an intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean organisation that brings together all 28 countries of the European Union and 15 countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. It has a plan! It wishes to design an Urban Agenda for the Mediterranean, following the example of the New Urban Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the EU,including an action plan for sustainable, fair and inclusive urban development in the region.  The objectives of this urban agenda are to promote integrated, sustainable, resilient, fair and inclusive urban regeneration and development across the Mediterranean region as a means to foster human development, economic prosperity, political stability and overall sustainability.

Members/mentors of the Planning Complex Cities studio have been asked to assist in the making of this plan. These members ask you – on their own behalf – to help them out in doing research and formulating promising ways ahead. In this way there arises an interesting opportunity to conduct a graduation project that links to a real-world initiative. We encourage students to consider this! For more information, see here.

P.S. The project involves a strong European perspective (and thus a relation with the topic Complex (European) Cities) too! Please see the initiative as a promising way forward, one that breaks down boundaries between parts of the world.


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