Today, the second session of the series Key concepts of Planning Complex Cities graduations took place. The session, organized by Verena Balz, Gregory Bracken, and Rodrigo Viseu Cardoso, elaborated interrelations between design, spatial planning and governance. A lecture gave insights into theoretical notions that explain roles and performances of designs in the realms of planning and governance. Notions concerned – most broadly – the creation of meaning in planning approaches, and – more concretely – the use of media and evidence, and the involvement of actors. During a workshop students drafted intended design outcomes and reflected on how these involve the before mentioned notions. A wide variety of plausible design products became obvious. We hope that the session inspired students to engage in thinking about what best design results are, seen the planning and governance contexts they are concerned about.

The presentation given today can be found here (access to staff/students inscribed in courses only).

Photography: In: Bodde, A.M. (2019) A spatial strategy for refugee integration in the urban environment: The case of Istanbul.


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