On Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 8.45 – 10.45, Room BG West 290, the first session of the series Key methodologies of Planning Complex Cities graduations took place. The session sought to assist students’ choices for methods that fit their intended projects best. The session was led by Arie Romein and involved the below listed researchers. Their presentations will become available on Brightspace soon!

  • Kasia Pistorek on interviewing and focus groups.
  • Arie Romein (Urbanism) on the traditional, but still highly valid sample survey research: the search for statistically significant interrelations within a set of pre-defined variables, for instance on people’s spatial behaviour, in a well demarcated population.
  • Antoine Peris and Ali Sobhani (PhD candidates, Urbanism) on different ways of collecting geospatial information in order to quantitatively assess a given territory. They will focus especially on using opportunities provided by information technology, data science, and unconventional data resources.

Image: https://www.r-spatial.org/r/2019/09/26/spatial-networks.html


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