On 18 September 2020, Caroline Newton and Roberto Rocco invited Urbanism students starting their graduation projects to reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. The session also discussed the ongoing climate emergency and the issue of our impending resources exhaustion, connecting these issues with the concept of the commons. The session ended with a critical description of the Doughnut Economy idea by Kate Raworth, as a counterpoint to the SDGs.

A good complement to that lecture is the speech by Naomi Klein at the Progressive International Event happening roughly at the same time as our lecture. The “Years of Repair” is an inspiring idea about the regeneration of our planet and our relationship with each other. Understanding that we might be living the years of repair is a powerful tool to conceive our role as planners and designers of the built environment.

You can watch Naomi Klein’s speech HERE.

You can download the lecture by Roberto Rocco below.


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