Simon Bohun: Polarized Vienna: Democracy and Public Space in the Urban Periphery

Location: Vienna, Austri
aMentors: Roberto Rocco, Birgit Hausleitner
Keywords: Urban periphery, Donaustadt, democracy and public space, centrality

Political opinions in Vienna are increasingly polarized in spatially distinct patterns. Election results show that the inner-city population predominantly supports cosmopolitan and green strategies. Outer areas, on the other hand, have a distinctly higher share of voters for right-wing populist parties. This phenomenon can be observed in many European cities, but the Viennese context is particularly interesting since Vienna is frequently ranked as the city with the highest quality of life and is famous for strong social policies.

This project researches how political discontent in suburban areas correlates with spatial structures and processes. Furthermore, it will investigate how different social groups in suburban areas experience the current development of their environment. The aim is to understand the socio-spatial differences between urban and suburban areas, that promote the polarization, and  to propose strategies to reduce this imbalance.


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