Online exhibition R&D studio Spatial Strategies for the Global Metropolis (AR2U086 & AR2U088), part of MSc Urbanism, Delft University of Technology, organised by Verena Balz, Qu Lei, and Nikos Katsikis.

We proudly present results of the Research & Design studio Spatial Strategies for the Global Metropolis, part of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences/Track Urbanism programme at Delft University of Technology in an online exhibition.

The region under investigation at the 2021-2022 round of the studio was the South Holland maritime region, part of the Rhine, Meuse and Schelde delta. The region of about 3.7 million inhabitants is constituted by a complex landscape of spatial environments, in one of the dens­est, most urbanised and infrastructure-richest regions of the world. At students’ core attention was the port of Rotterdam, whose territory of approximately 100 km2 stretches from the city of Rotterdam to the North Sea. Students were asked to explore two interrelated themat­ic topics within this spatial setting, notably (1) a transi­tion towards a circular port economy, and (2) a social transition which is expected to happen in tandem with the port’s enhanced circularity. The spatial visions and development strategies that students designed recog­nise the mutual dependencies between these transitions, and give these a spatial form.

In the exhibition each student groups’ project is represented by an executive summary, which gives key information on the project, and the title page of the group’s project report. Visitors who want to gain a deeper insight into projects can access the actual report in the TU Delft education repository.

DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION: Online_exhibition_A_Circular_Maritime_Region


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