In February 2017 (soon!) a new group of students starts graduating to become a Master of Science Urbanism at TU Delft. The first two weeks of their graduation programme are dedicated to orientation. The Complex cities group assists in this through a series of lectures/workshops. During lectures/workshops researchers will elaborate on the scope of Complex cities graduations and provide information about organisational support. More information on events will become available on this website soon.

For an outline description of topics at the attention of Complex cities graduations, see the pages Inclusive cities, Imaginative regions and Transforming Chinese cities. Topics are closely related to the expertise of the Complex cities (Randstad) research group. For more information about the activities of the group, see here. Please note that additional information concerning opportunities to join ongoing research projects of the group will be announce during the orientation week events. Among these projects is one concerning planning & heritage, for more information on this project, please see here.

For more information about people who mentor Complex cities graduations, see this page. Please note that not all mentors are available in the upcoming graduations period. Most are (see list below)! We advise students to look at the profile of mentors and also the graduation projects that they have guided before.

List of available mentors:

  • Akkelies van Nes
  • Arie Romein
  • Diego Sepulveda
  • Dominic Stead
  • Francisco Colombo
  • Lei Qu
  • Lidewij Tummers
  • Marcin Dabrowski
  • Stephen Read
  • Remon Rooij
  • Roberto Rocco
  • (Vincent Nadin, planning & heritage)
  • Wil Zonneveld



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