Today the second event of Complex cities graduation orientation took place. Part of the event was a discussion among current Complex cities graduation students and students that are about to decide on their graduation topic and mentors. We would like to thank Pieternella Aten, Thijs Bekken, Céline Janssen and Silvana Corro Quintana for their attendance and very valuable advice here!


Thursday, 23 February  2017, 10.45-12.30, Room BK-IZ Y

10-45-11.45 Complex cities workshop: refining thesis plans

  • During this workshop graduation project proposals will be examined on references to Complex cities research topics and references will be discussed. The workshop aims at an enhanced understanding of the relevance of topics in thesis plans.

11.45-12.30 Advise from Complex cities students

  • Current Complex cities graduation students (who have just passed their P2) will reflect on their graduation experience and advise.

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