27 February 2017, 15.45-17.15, room BK-CZ A: Designs as catalysts – Lecture by and discussion with Eva Pfannes, OOZE Architects

Ooze is an international design practice operating in the fields of art and architecture, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and founded by Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg in 2003. Ooze combines an elaborate understanding of natural, ecological processes with technological expertise and insights into the social-cultural behavior of users of the built environment. Their design and research projects, constructed in collaborative processes, address urgent, current needs in specific areas. However, they also aim at raising attention beyond single locations. During her lecture Eva Pfannes will introduce a set of Ooze projects that gained international reputation, among them the King’s Cross Pond Club and Aqua Carioca, a proposal for self-supporting water purification systems in Rio de Janeiro. She will reflect on aspects of designs that raise the attention and awareness.

The lecture is part of the series Capita selecta: (Dutch) regional design and planning that informs student work of the third quarter of the MSc Urbanism education at the Delft University of Technology. Complex cities graduation students are invited to join.


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