In September 2017, new Urbanism graduation students decide upon their research interest. The Complex cities/Randstad research group assists in this through offering a set of graduation topics. Choosing for one of these topics guarantees students a tight relation among their graduation project and the expertise of researchers/mentors.

Via this webpage, descriptions of Complex cities graduation topics will become available soon!

Topics will continue to reflect the core interests of the Complex cities/Randstad research group (as the 2016/18 topics). Researchers/mentors share an interest in the changing role of Urbanism that results from increasingly complex spatial and societal circumstances and internationalization. They explore how radical transformations of metropolitan structures influence sustainability, how planning and design resolves territorial conflicts and how urbanism addresses poverty, extreme environmental threats, weak governance or urban emergencies in neighbourhoods, cities and regions around the world. Complex Cities’ graduations draw on a specific expertise of researchers in planning and the social sciences more broadly. They combine knowledge from the fields of planning and design for a built environment that is appreciated by many, in a democratic and open society.


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