On Wednesday, 25 October 2017, the third session of the series Key methodology of Complex cities graduations will take place. During the session we will discuss how to analyze perspectives and participation of actors. For our guests and the program, please see below.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 8.45-11.45, Room BG west 290
Analysing perspectives and participation of actors
with Katarzyna Piskorek, Rachel Keeton, Ana Chagas Cavalcanti

Introduction: Perspectives and participation of actors in planning research;
In her PhD research, Rachel Keeton seeks to provide a transdisciplinary roadmap for inclusive, sustainable, future African new towns in the form of a series of planning principles. She will elaborate on fieldwork and interviews with stakeholders, conducted under challenging circumstances;
In her PhD research, Katarzyna Piskorek investigates communication for urban transformations in perspective of the relation between citizens and local authorities. She will elaborate on how to analyse communication acts;
In her PhD research, Ana Chagas Cavalcanti proposes a method for the design of social housing that emerges from the social practices in informal settlements. Her particular interest is in the building of labour relations in contemporary systems of economic circulation. During the workshop she will elaborate on how to identify these practices and how to relate these to design principle;
Workshop/discussion: Discussing appropriate approaches in analyzing perspectives and participation of actors.


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