Upcoming P2 presentation
Tuesday, 15 January 2019
08:45 – 09:45
Room BK-IZ Y

Simin Chen

Tomorrows rural land: Vitalizing Chinese rural idle homestead land through leisure agriculture industry.
Nanjing, China
The rapid urbanization process in China has caused the emergence of plenty idle rural homestead land (housing land), which constitutes a huge waste of land resources and brings about wicked problems, such as social segregation, environmental damage, rural-urban polarisation, and real estate bubbles. This project takes leisure agriculture as a promising development direction for a better use of this resource. It aims at an institutional and spatial framework that involves new conceptual principles adding ecology and landscape aspects to the current rural-urban dual model. It thus intends to offer a sustainable environment-rural-urban integration strategy and invigorate idle homestead land.



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