Upcoming P2 presentation
Tuesday, 15 January 2019
09:45 – 10:45
Room BK-IZ V

Ninad Sansare

[UN]WAR: Spatial planning and strategies for social integration in the Kashmir valley, India.
Kashmir, India

Planning in a conflict region is considered as one of the challenging discourses of urbanism due to extreme geopolitical and societal conditions. This research-design project addresses spatial planning, policies, and design in the contested areas, through the case of Kashmir which is a disputed geopolitical region between India and Pakistan. Due to this, political and cultural conflict emerge in the region resulting in underdevelopment and social fragmentation. Current planning practices are economic development-oriented ignoring the cultural identity of the region, which may assist in the conflict resolution. This project aims to create a strategic framework to achieve social cohesion in the region by altering the current planning practices and giving design interventions.


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