Upcoming P2 presentation
Tuesday, 15 January 2019
15:45 – 16:45
Room BK-IZ Q

Vera van Maaren

Transformations for a circular future: An exploration of potentials for circular waste systems and processes in Dandora, Kenya.
Dandora/Nairobi , Kenya

This thesis addresses the problem of waste management in Dandora, Nairobi. The current inadequate waste management throughout Nairobi remains a spatial challenge as it contributes to health concerns, threatens local ecologies, and degrades public space. The Dandora Transformation League is catalysing challenges between courts to enhance community-participation, however not yet on the urgent matter of waste. The aim of the studies is to set out a roadmap towards circular waste processes, to be possibly extrapolated to a larger scale, with potential implications for Nairobi’s future circularity. Research will incorporate the current work of DTL, TUK and the Placemakers, reaching out to local communities and their existing networks.



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