Upcoming P2 presentation
Wednesday, 16 January 2019
08:45 – 09:45
Room BK-IZ Z

Gabriela Theresa Waldherr

Inter-relational territories: A new interplay between pre- and inner-alpine areas for future sustainable water use.
Alpine region, Germany/Austria/France/Italy/Slovenia/Switzerland/Liechtenstein

The Alps, also called the ‘water tower’ of Europe, are one of the biggest freshwater reserves of the continent, extending over seven countries. However, due to climate change, resulting in melting glaciers and more frequent dry periods, the availability of fresh water is decreasing in the future. This conflicts not only with the growing demand provoked by ongoing urbanization processes in and around the Alpine Arc, but also a rising interest in economic sectors like tourism and hydro power. This project proposes a new interplay between pre- and inner-alpine areas by giving particular consideration to the natural environment. It seeks to coordinate the use for water as a resource under the framework of institutional thickness.


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