Upcoming P2 presentation
Wednesday, 16 January 2019
09:45 – 10:45
Room BK-IZ Z

Diego Reinaldo Moya Ortiz

Contesting metropolisation by neoliberalism: Activating vulnerable areas through inter-municipal spatial planning in Santiago de Chile.
Santiago, Chile

The introduction of neoliberal policies profoundly influenced the process of metropolisation in Santiago de Chile. A complex interaction between the forces of the urban land market, national-global trends of capital agglomeration and weak governance led to a highly segregated urban structure in socio-economic terms. This process has generated the eviction and exclusion of the most vulnerable social groups to municipal areas unable to compete within the current model of urban development. This graduation thesis investigates the evolution of this phenomenon and proposes a collaborative planning strategy for vulnerable municipalities,  based on models of value capture and transfer of development rights.


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