On Wednesday, 4 April 2020, and Wednesday, 29 April 2020, Planning Complex Cities students met with Andreas Faludi and Rodrigo Ordonhas Viseu Cardoso to discuss the implications of the concepts ‘territorialism’ and ‘territoriality’ for their graduation projects. The first discussion centred on projects that consider conflict between nation states, in e.g. Cyprus and Israel. The second discussion reflected on these concepts in the context of regional development. Both discussions took the below statement by Andreas Faludi as a starting point.

‘As a designer/planner/architect, you propose a package of measures: a design, or plan. It will concern many others, including some authorities responsible for their territories each. What your plan proposes may not match the division between them, and their resources are stretched. Anyhow, you depend on their cooperation which they may, or may not be willing to grant, depending on how your plan affects them within their strictly defined areas of responsibility. Due to this ‘territorialism’, your plan may be in danger of not receiving the hearing it deserves.’

the poverty of territorialism


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