Caroline Newton is an architect, urban planner and political scientist. Her work and research focus on the socio-spatial dimensions of design and critical spatial practices in Europe and the Global South. Caroline has worked on (informal) dwelling and participatory upgrading, the challenge of design and planning in post-colonial environments and also on the methodological and pedagogical challenges of a ‘designerly way of knowledge production’. Her work and research illustrate that she is very passionate about encouraging social change and providing young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to act on that. She has worked with communities in South-Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and Colombia on the transformations they have been confronted with during times of transitions (e.g. Apartheid-post-apartheid, post-war situations (Cambodia), post-drug war pacification). She believes a strong connection between interdisciplinary academic work and the aim to be politically engaged and thus actually contribute to a more social and environmentally just world is what should be the cornerstone of academic work, hence her engagements outside of academia.
Together with a small team of master students, Caroline is currently supporting the World Health Organization (WHO)’s response to COVID-19, by offering assistance to the WHO technical helpdesk in designing solutions for Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) Treatment Centres.


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